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We are social beings that depend on each other a great deal. Seldom are we able to do things on our own. We usually need the help of others and we can only work together if we communicate effectively. Over the years, various technologies have been invented to enable us to do this better. Examples include radios, telephones, walkie talkies, and the Internet. Each of them have their own specific purpose and method of operation. Depending on the situation, one might be preferred over the rest. Here's a survey of the different modes of communication that can be achieved using different modern devices

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Telephones have been around for over a century. They have revolutionized the way that we are able to communicate over long distances. We are able to hear a person's voice even if he or she is miles away or even in another country. This brings a lot of comfort to families. It makes coordination easier for workers. It allows businesses to stay in touch with their customers. When using phones, the conversation can be more personal as there is usually just one entity on either side of the line. They can talk simultaneously. Sometimes more people are added for conference calls.


The walkie talkie is among the best examples of this. While it's true that there are handsets made especially for direct one-on-one communication, advanced models are capable of broadcasting to a lot more people. Several units may be tuned to listen in to a radio frequency which allows them to hear the message being relayed. However, only one of them will be able to talk at any single point in time to avoid confusion. That's why there are codes developed to identify themselves and signal when they are finished. Commercial radio is also a good example but this model doesn't provide two-way communication.


The Internet is the premier example of this type of communication wherein a vast number of people can talk simultaneously to each other. We see it every day on social media, chat groups, and specialty boards. Most of it is written so things don't get drowned out in noise, although there are also issues with this model like spamming, fake news, censorship, community management, and many more. The possibilities that have opened up because of the Internet make this an important part of modern life. Despite the concerns, it continues to attract more users and make more money for businesses.

This is a massive global network with a complicated structure and trillions of dollars in investments. However, the end-users don't have such a big barrier to entry as one might expect. Anyone who has access to a computer and an Internet service can connect to the web. Nowadays, even mobile phones can connect without a problem and these can be bought anywhere at cheap prices. Wi-Fi is available virtually anywhere from homes to restaurants and hospitals. 4G networks can also be tapped for connections, though at a high cost that limits usage.